From experience we know that the client has his own security, but when traveling in different destinations, local security is always needed. Local security has the advantage of knowing the locations, having details of the local crime, having the local contacts the client needs. And since everyone's interest is that the Client has maximum security, without worrying about anything, just enjoying their trips, a collaboration is always good for everyone

Personal bodyguard

Personal bodyguards have become a constant presence among the entourage of VIPs and celebrities—actors, musicians, and politicians, just to name a few.

The world’s rich and famous can never function in life without their personal bodyguards in tow and this is why it’s important to get nothing less than the best private security services that status can buy.

Our agents are armed with skills and knowledge that set them apart from the traditional uniformed security.

We go beyond providing protection for celebrities at close range. Our service includes risk and threat assessment which anticipates possible dangers way ahead of time. Our personal bodyguards do their job effectively but discreetly so as not to get in the way of our celebrity clientele’s daily activities and lifestyle. 

Also we makes sure that our agents always adhere to our strict code of ethics, which includes maintaining a good relationship with a client without getting too friendly—in order to preserve professionalism.

Security drivers for safe and secure travels

If you want to enjoy the services of our drivers trained in counter surveillance and anti–kidnapping techniques, drivers who know how to react and make wise decisions in an emergency situation, who will instantly drive you to a safe place, drivers who know how to prepare an alternative route and recognize the roads you take so that you will always be on time for your  destiny 

Business trip security

Vienna - Munich - Paris - Barcelona

We provide comprehensive travel risk management and security solutions for the private and corporate sectors in order to provide organizations with the tools to enable them to carry out business in some of the most challenging and fragile of environments.


  • Security Operations Center (SOC)
    Around the clock security center ready to provide intelligence and operational support whenever the need arises

  • Executive Protection & Facilitation
    Executive protection agents with local knowledge and access to the MAX global command center to proactively avoid high risk situations and react in worst case scenarios

  • Contingency & Evacuation Support
    On-ground teams worldwide providing support during a crisis to mitigate damage and ensure business continuity

  • Travel Security
    Secure transportation, airport meet & greets, and security facilitators to support you
    throughout your trip